Aspen Wellness Center

Stephanie A. Salazar


Treatment Rates

Integrative Massage and BodyWork

30 minutes= $45.00

60 minutes= $80.00

90 minutes= $120.00

Tax will be added upon payment

Credit/ Debit Cards Accepted 

Upgrades Available


Inn 'HER' Soul:

Integrative Treatment ~ $85/hr        $50/ 30min

Combination of energy balancing, deep tissue, acupressure, polarity and sound healing


‘Innhersoul’ Essential Oil Technique~  $160/ treatment

Revolutionary art of applying essential oils along feet and spine to bring structural and electrical alignment


Polarity Therapy~ $45/hr          $ 25/30min

For the truth- seekers asserting to re-align themselves and restore health and balance


TCM Worsely- Acupressure~ $55/hr        $25/ 30min    

Explore the journey towards wholeness: physical, mental- emotional and spiritual


Acupressure~ Facial $50/ treatment

Experience rejuvenation! Also aides in congestion or sinus’ with the use of finger pressure, tuning forks and jade massage tools


Cranial Sacral~ $80/hr   $50/ 30min

Improves the processes of the Central Nervous System through brain and spinal cord


Sound Healing- Tuning Forks~ $40/hr    $25/ 30min

Activates and vibrates the vital energy within


Deep Tissue~ $125/hr         $65/ 30min

Release tension & stagnation and revitalize connective tissue


Foot or Hand Reflexology~ $50/ 30min

Improve the natural functions of the body by relieving tension and promoting circulation through the hand and feet


Cupping~ $110/ treatment

Breaks up localized stagnation


Gua sha~ $65/ 35 min

Remove toxins and promote circulation


Hot Rock Therapy~ $155/ treatment

Penetrating relaxation


Chakra, Energy & Meridian Balancing~ $55/ hr      $35/ 30 min

A physical, psychological, and spiritual journey


Ear Candling~ $65

Release.  Relieve.  Relax. 


Akabane~ $60

withdraws stagnation with the use of warm incense



Restore vitality and warmth

Watsu~ $120

water healing massage (at local physical therapy pool)


Homeopathic Consultation~ $150

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation~ $80